Fonts. A simple word really, but there is more to the word ,font, then people know. For instance there is not just font but there is a thing called typefaces. Typefaces are referring to an individual family member of a specific font. While the font refers to a grouping of those typefaces that have similar characteristics. So first thing is you have to pick a typeface, and from there you pick one of the related fonts that you feel would attract more people to your product or website.

When it comes to attracting traffic to your product most companies will have two different types of fonts for their products advertisements. The first font you use will be what is called the headline font, which as from the name you can interpret that it is the bigger of the two and the one that will stand out more to draw people in. The other font would be the body font. That would be what is used in the rest of the ad, which once people are drawn in can read it. The two fonts that you choose do not have to even be in the same typeface family, they can be on two completely opposite ends of the spectrum.

With the two different types of fonts it helps the reader to quickly go through and spot what the whole thing is about and pick out all of the important information that they need to know. It helps for the readers who do not particularly like to read through or go through a whole advertisement.

Another big part of fonts, you have to make sure people can read them! If the fonts that you have chosen are not readable then the whole advertisement will not work. Two things that going to whether or not your advertisement is going to be easy to read are, readability and legibility. When it comes down to readability it how the words look on the page but legibility refers to the typeface that you have selected and how that looks.

Those are just some important reasons why you have to be careful with the fonts and typefaces that you choose to use on your advertisements.

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